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             This hunt  was created by the 
              participants  in an Aldine ISD 
              C.A.T.E. Staff Development   
              Presenter: Barbara Christopher

Alma Flores - MacArthur High School
1.   Go to:  The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Law
2.   Choose:  Criminal Law and Evidence
3.   Choose: Appeals Law
4.   Choose: How to Handle an Appeal: the Basics for 
       Attorneys New to an Appeal
5.    Question: What is the first step after you have been 
        retained to represent a ciminal defendant on appeal?
6.    What would you do if a client has an unreasonable 
       expectation from their appeal?
Jennifer Garcia - MacArthur High School
1.   Go to:  The Healthy Gourmet
2.   Choose:  Recipes
3.   Choose:  Sumptuous Apple Pie
4.   Question:  What are the ingredients needed
       for this recipe?
5.   Question:   How long to you bake the dish?
Zina Green - Teague Middle School
1.   Go to:  Food and Drug Administration Home Page
2.   Choose:  Foods
3.   Choose:  Kids and Educators
4.   Choose: Food Safety Word Match
5.   Choose: Brochure
6.   Return to: Food Safety Word Match
7.  Complete: Food Safety Word Match
Judy Guyn - MacArthur High School
1.   Go to:  Pampers Parenting Institute
2.   Choose:  About our Experts
3.   Question: Who is Dr. T Barry Brazelton and what 
       has he accomplished in the sutdy of child development
4.   Choose:  House Calls with Dr. Brazelton
       (see link at bottom of page)
5.   Search for: 9 months old, Feeding
6.   Question: What is the "best policy" for the parent 
      of a 9 month old?
Doug January - Nimitz High School
1.   Go to:  National Credit Information Network 
2.   Choose:  Pre-Employment Screening
3.   Choose: Fact Sheet and Protective Information
4.   Scroll down to: 2. THE APPLICATION
5.   Question:  What are impermissible inquiries on the
       employment application?
Felicia Matthews - Aldine Night High School
1.   Go to:  Making Connections
2.   Choose:  About Making Connections
3.   Choose:  What is It?
4.   Scroll down to: How will it Work?
5.   Question:  What are the 6 ways businesses offer knowledge
       to students and educators?
Lynette Phillip - Carver High School
1.   Go to:  The Herzog System of Computer Keyboarding
2.   Choose:  Benefits of the Herzog System
3.   Question:  What are the benifits of this system of training?
Leticia Silva - Aldine Senior High School
1.   Go to:  Internet Resources
2.   Choose:  What is the Internet?
3.   Choose: Finding Information on the 
       World Wide Web: A Tutorial
4.    Choose: What is the Internet?
5.    Question:  What is the Internet similar to?
6.    Scroll down to: What is the World Wide Web
        and what makes it work?
7.   Choose:  World Wide Web: Overview 
8.   Question: What is the WWW and what is its yearly growth?
Linda Stevens - Eisenhower  High School
1.   Go to: The Easy Accounting Guide to Easy Accounting
2.   Choose: Example of Accounting Terminology 
3.   Question: What is a current asset?
Deanna Thornton - Nimitz High School
1.   Go to:  Saskatchewan Education Evergreen Curriculum
2.   Choose:  Select by Subject
3.   Choose:  Practical and Applied Arts
4.   Choose:  Information Processing 10, 20, 30
5.   Choose:  Appendices
6.   Choose:  Appendix G
7.   Question:  What are the characteristics of effective 
Don Wadsworth - Aldine Senior High School
1.   Go to:  Ford Vehicles
2.   Choose:  Trucks
3.   Choose:  F-Series
4.   Choose:  Super Duty
5.   Choose:  Performance
6.   Choose:  Four wheeling
7.   Question:  What kind of shifting comes standard?