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Author: Barbara Christopher


This WebQuest was developed by Barbara Christopher for TeacherTECH, 2006 , the teacher training component of GirlTECH. During this training, teachers received intensive technology training and explored innovative teaching strategies that impact equity in the classroom.

The lesson will teach students how to critically evaluate the validity and quality of web page content as they research on the Internet. They will first work through a tutorial, Four Ways to Investigate a Web Page , and then test their new knowledge by using the Web Page Content Evaluation form to evaluate the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus page.

The lesson is designed for high school students and can be used prior to research in any class that requires it. It is expected that students will already understand how to use a browser and a search engine. In addition they should know the basics of research and documentation. This WebQuest is meant to supplement this knowledge.


This unit addresses several of the goals for information literacy listed in Information Power:Information Literacy Standards for Learning, prepared by the American Association of School Librarians and the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

It also addresses several of the learning goals set in NETS: National Educational Technology Standards, prepared by ISTE, specifically for NETS Standards for Students: 5.Technology research tools and 6.Technology problem-solving and decision-making tools


1. The scenario set in the student introduction shows why it's important for
students to know how to evaluate the content of a web page.

2. To learn evaluation techniques, they will work through the tutorial, Four Ways to Investigate a Web Page. This version of the tutorial has links to the answers for the Test Yourself sections.

3. An alternate version of this tutorial with no answers and a Test Yourself answer form is provided in case the teacher wants these exercises to be handed in as an assignment.

4. With their new skills, students will then evaluate the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus page using the Web Page Evaluation form .

5. An answer sheet for the evaluation of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus page is provided.


To assess the skills the student has acquired after working through Four Ways to Investigate a Web Page, give him the Web Page Evaluation form and tell him to evaluate the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus page. Use the Answer Sheet to grade the form. The answers provided are at times subjective, so credit may be given for honest tries.

These pages were developed through TeacherTECH, the teacher professional development component of GirlTECH, which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) and made possible by support from the National Science Foundation and Rice University.

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