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Lesson 1
Discuss copyrights: define copyright;describe restrictions on materials that are copyrighted

Today we will create a folder. This is where you will put your research for your space probe. (Directions for iMacs)

1. Find your Grade Level folder on your desktop.
2. Open it
3. Go to File on your Menu bar
Click on New Folder in the drop down menu
5. Label this folder with your name and grade (bline4G)
6. Open a Word Processing document
7. Go to File and Save as
8. Navigate to the grade 4 on your Desktop

9. Open by clicking 2X
10. Find your folder (bcline4G)
11. Click 2X
12. Mouse down to Name
13. Click 2X on untitled
14. Type in spaceprobe
15. Click Save
You're done!

1. Open your Launcher and find your Browser
2. Click on Internet Explorer
3. Scroll down to Search Engines
4. Click on Google
5. Select Images
6. Type in your search term (name of your planet
7. Save your image to your folder, spaceprobe
8. Copy credits for image
9. Navigate to word document
10. Paste and Save

Lesson 2
Research on the Internet

You have in front of you research worksheet.
You will use the following links to answer the questions about your planet. Record your answers on your paper

1.Solar System; learn about the moons of our solar system

2. Planet information. Find your planet on the left

3. How much would you weigh on another planet?

4. Planet facts; be sure to click on More About; online jigsaw puzzles

5. Space and Astronomy Resources for 4th and 5th Grade
Everything you need to know. Click on Solar System

6. Starchild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

7. Fast Facts

8. Planet profiles; good image site

Your sources have already been cited on your worksheet

Lesson 3
Creating a Brochure

In your classroom you took your information checklists and organized your planet facts into two or three sentences.

Example: "Saturn's largest moon is Titan. It is the second largest moon in the solar System. The Casinni spacecraft has recently taken pictures of a possible icy volcano!"

You also brainstormed a title for your brochure, and filled out a Storyboard.

Today we will start creating a Brochure about your planet

Open Appleworks template
1. Go to File
2. Show starting points
3. Templates
4. Brochure

You will change this template to your Travel Brochure

You will learn how to:
create text boxes
change fonts
insert images.

Lesson 4

In the classroom

  • Write a short paragraph saying why we should visit your planet, and what we will do when we get there

In the Computer Lab

  • Insert last section
  • Use checklist to ensure all sections are complete
  • Print

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