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Barbara Molaison

Technology Instructor / Coordinator
St. Martha Catholic School

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   I am Barbara Molaison, a teacher at St.Martha Catholic School. For the 06-07 school year, I will be the Technology Instructor/Coordinator for grades K-8. Having spent the past two years as Middle School Religion/Technology teacher, I look forward to the full time challenge of broadening and developing the technology skills that will better prepare our students to meet the academic challenges that lie ahead.

I am very greatful and truly blessed for the opportunity to have been a part of the 2006 TeacherTECH training program which has made this site possible. My first webquest on the lesson link takes students on a Tour of the Holy Land. This virtual experience will not only enrich and deepen knowledge of their Christian heritage, but also engage them in other disciplines such as language arts, technology and historical perspectives. Enjoy!


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