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In the land of Israel many, many years ago, a tiny infant was born. His royalty would be proclaimed throughout the world--King of Kings, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords---a savior for all! This Christ--Jesus-the Son of God would forever change the course of humanity and would be the fulfillment of God's plan of salvation. He healed the sick, he preached God's commandments, moved by compassion, he performed many miracles, he defined for all of us what it truly means to love one another. His public ministry spanned only three years yet his life would forever transform the destiny of man. Travel along and tour the many places where Jesus and his disciples preached and began a prolific journey to form a people of God.

Where did it all begin? Where did he walk? What significant events happened along the way?









You have been hired by a premier travel agency and assigned to a team to plan a tour of the Holy Land and develop a travel brochure that will highlight destinations providing a glimpse of the life and times of Christ. This documentary travel log will serve as a marketing tool to attract world renowned scholars, historians and theologians. Thus you will be in competition with other agency teams to prepare the most informative and interesting tour package that will meet the objective. Your team will also prepare a power point presentation to present to the agency marketing manager to better assist him in selecting a tour package. The winning team will accompany the group and serve as tour guides. Thus, gaining knowledge of tour destination sites will be essential to successful performance. The marketing director has been known in the past to require tour guides to demonstrate acquired knowledge through on-line testing.

In order to gather the necessary information, facts and images to complete this task you will be taking on-line tours, visiting links provided and exploring the internet and various other resources as needed.








1.First you will be assigned to a team of four to eight students depending on the size of your class.

2.Each team member will choose a role from the following list. Some roles may have two positions based on the number in the
team. Each group will determine which roles will be duplicated based on the overall dynamics and skill of team members.

A. Graphic Designer:
This person is responsible for designing a brochure that would be used in a mail out to gather prospective tourists. Information and graphic images will be gathered by the historian and Image specialist. This brochure will include:

1. A graphically pleasing layout utilizing good design practices and appropriate graphic images.
2. Five destination sites with a brief caption of a significant event that took place in this region.
3. A map featuring the Holy Land.
4. Pertinent data providing all travel arrangements such as; roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations and meal

B. Image Specialist:
This person will gather graphic images needed for use in the travel brochure and power point presentation. Images may include, web graphics, clip art or scanned photography. This person will create an image file to gather, collect and organize needed art work and edit, enhance, crop and export all images to their destinations.

C. Historian (2 recommended):
The duties of the historian begins with a group meeting to collectively determine which of the destinations sites will be selected as the itinerary for the Holy Land Tour. Selection should include a) ites that answer the questions posed
in the introduction, b) places where significant events occurred, c) places of popular attraction. After determining the places to be visited the historian will ensure that all members of the group are clear on which sites have been selected. Compile historical information and compose the write-ups for the brochure and power point.

D. Tour Guide:
This person will prepare and produce a power point to present to the travel agencies marketing director using images and information gathered by the team. This person will organize the information, develop the presentation and give the oral presentation to the director and all staff and employees on hand (the class). This person will create files and folders to collect needed information and import them into the presentation. This person will open and conduct the team
meetings to share, discuss, plan and track progress.

E. Itinerary Specialist:
This person will research the internet and find the following accommodations: Roundtrip Airfare including price, and airline, hotel accommodations in each of the tour sites, estimated meal package featuring three restaurants. This will be compiled in an excel spreadsheet or a table created in Microsoft Word to organize and share information with the team. This person will also take the lead in developing a timeline calendar to chart team progress and meet deadlines. Calendars may be created in Microsoft Publisher unless other options are available.

Begin the Tour:

3. Once all roles have been assigned, each team member should begin the project by taking the on-line tours provided with
these links:

4. Following the tours, the following links will be helpful for each respective role:








Now that you have completed your quest, you have gained a rich knowledge of your Christian heritage and taken a virtual tour of the Holy Land. In addition, you have developed skills in technology, composition and interpersonal skills as you learned to work together, share and seek a common goal. Hopefully you have deepened your faith and have a better understanding of the impact the Holy Land still has in our lives today!


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