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Science - West Briar Middle School

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Mr. Bradshaw was born in Memphis Tennessee.He went to college at Arlington State University, now UTA.He received a B/S in Biology with a minor in chemistry and physics. He also completed some graduate work in Biology at University of Houston Clear Lake.He took education courses at the main campus and received his teaching certificate in 1986.Before he went to college,Mr. Bradshaw served 5 years in the air force.He really enjoys fossil hunting, and bird watching.He will teach integrated physics and chemistry (IPC), and eigth grade science.

(IPC) is the study of chemistry and physics with each being a separate subject, but with some integration between the two subject areas.
This course will be a student oriented, hands-on course.

8th grade science is an integrated course, and will be focus on biology,chemistry.physics,and the environment.

The Teks can be found at the following site: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/



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