Cynthia Blair
Drew Academy
Computer Literacy, Grades 6, 7 ,8

Topic: Learning New Words

Purpose: To increase students understanding and usage of new words.

Materials: Dictionary, Thesaurus, 3" x 5" flash cards,
pencil, paper, markers, and butcher paper.

Prior knowledge: How to divide words into syllables

Description: Make new words by adding prefixes and suffixes.

Time: 90 minutes


1. Students in the classroom will divide into groups of 3.

2. Give the group flash cards that contains prefixes, words, and definitons

3. Each group will develop as many words as possible in five minutes.

4. There will be four five minute intervals.

5. The group will appoint a recorder who will write the new words and their meanings on the butcher paper.

6. After all groups have presented, scores will be tallied and the group with the most words and accurate definitions will be rewarded.

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Extension: Here are a few ideas that will help you increase your vocabulary


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