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HELP!!!!! Your teacher is planning a dinner party, but she is stuck in Atlanta, Georgia during a real bad thunderstorm and her flight has been delayed. She won't be able to make it back to plan the dinner party. She only has 3 days to put something together! She doesn't have a menu and she doesn't have time to do the shopping for the items she will need. She is asking for your help! She needs you to create a menu for her, do the shopping, and keep track of all the expenses while staying within a budget of a $100.



Your task will be to buy food for 4 people (this includes your teacher). You only have $100 dollars to spend and you will need to have a main course, at least two side entrees', a dessert and appetizer. You and 3 other classmates will work together to come up with a menu. Your group will shop online for the food and you will keep track of the cost for the food and the cost per person.



1. Your team will work together to create a menu using a web to organize your ideas

2. You will go online to to select the items you will need for your dinner

3. You will have to keep track of all of your expenses and track how many serving portions you will need (remember, there will be 4 people at this dinner party). Your cost for the food items and your serving sizes will be placed in the Dinner Menu worksheet. Use the Food Pyramid to determine the servings you should have each day.

4. Your costs will be placed in an online graph designer to create a pie chart.

5. You can use a Metrics Chart to determine customary measurement.

6. You will use the online calculator to keep track of expenses (remember, you only have $100 to spend on food).

7. Your finished product should include a web for your ideas, the worksheet that calculates your costs for the entire dinner and a cost per person and a graph.



At the end of this lesson the learner will have created a dinner menu and a pie chart graph. By using predetermined prices along with addition and subtraction skills, the student will be able to calculate the total amount of money spent and cost per person.


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