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Let's get started!

Let's listen to the story of the "Little Red House with No Doors".



What we will do...

First, we will use a "KWL" chart to list what we know and would like to know about apples.

Secondly, we will read a book about apples to find names for the parts of an apple.

Next, we will make a collage of the parts of an apple and label it.

Last, we will watch a video clip and take a virtual tour of an apple orchard to learn more facts about apples.


How we will do it...

Write a KWL - on apples

y Read Apples, Apples. Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Make and label the parts of an apple

Watch an apple video / Take a virtual tour of an apple orchard



What else can we do?

We now have a lot of information about apples.. We have searched different places for this information. Where else could we go? Could we use this type of search to learn about other things?


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