A Christmas Celebration in the Black Culture

Chandra R. Thomas-Jones
Charles F. Hartman Middle School (HISD)
7111 Westover, Houston, Texas 77087

GRADE LEVEL: Secondary


  1. Computer Literacy;
  2. African-American history / Social Studies; and
  3. Language Arts

PURPOSE: In this lesson computer literacy, social studies, and language arts disciplines are integrated. The major purposes of this lesson includes:

  1. informing students ( especially African-American students ) about Kwanzaa
  2. incorporating a multicultural activity with a scholastic activity; and
  3. providing students with an opportunity to experience Cyberspace.

LESSON OBJECTIVES: The learner will:

  1. Practice using Internet to find information.
  2. Research information about Kwanzaa.
  3. Derive his/her own definition of Kwanzaa.
  4. Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Kwanzaa and Christmas.

RESOURCES, MATERIALS: A computer with an Internet connection, and World Wide Web access, word processing software, and a printer

VOCABULARY: Culture, multicultural activity, cyberspace, Internet, World Wide Web, word processing, on-line, research, analysis


  1. Review vocabulary. Teach and/or reteach students how to use navigational software, such as Netscape, to browse information on the WWW.
  2. Divide the class into teams and have each team use the Internet for a week to research information about Kwanzaa. Maybe, give each team specific areas to research such as schedule for Kwanzaa celebration; principles of Kwanzaa, primary and secondary symbols of Kwanzaa.
  3. Lead a discussion with the class about their findings, which will aid them in writing a paper.
  4. Give students an additional day to browse. Using the collected data, assist students in writing their research papers.


  1. Require students to create a portfolio which illustrates their experiences using the World Wide Web.
  2. Require students to word process their research papers about Kwanzaa.

EXTENSION: Have students go on-line to research information about African-American History. Encourage them to assist in the development of a school program such as the Christmas Program or a Black History Program during the month of February. Require that they incorporate a segment to the program that pertains to Kwanzaa. Ask them to display their portfolios and research papers.