Spend Your Leisure Time With a Computer

Chandra R. Thomas-Jones
Charles F. Hartman Middle School (HISD)
7111 Westover, Houston, Texas 77087


SUBJECT: Computer Literacy

OVERVIEW: This lesson is designed to give students an overview of the ways that computers are involved in games, entertainment, and music.

LESSON OBJECTIVES: The learner will:

  1. Use Internet to research information and as a source of entertainment.
  2. Classify video games into the following catogories: action; adventure; simulation; and strategy.
  3. Describe and define computer animation.
  4. Describe the process of digitize audio sound.

RESOURCES, MATERIALS: A computer with an Internet connection, and World Wide Web access, and the textbook " Understanding COMPUTERS through applications".

VOCABULARY: video game, virtual reality, animation, interactive animation, interactive fiction, digital, compositioning, digitize, synthisizer, sampler, sequencer, and MIDI


  1. Have students read module 3 in the the textbook: "Understanding COMPUTERS through applications"
  2. Review vocabulary. Teach and/or reteach students how to use navigational software, such as Netscape, to browse information on the WWW.
  3. Divide the class into teams and have each team use the Internet for a week to do research information about computer games, entertainment, and music.
  4. Assist students in clasifying video games.

ASSESSMENT: Require students to create a portfolio which illustrates their experiences using the World Wide Web.