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Time: 45 minutes
Bloom Taxonomy
    • Computer w/ internet
    • Bat books
    • Scan
    • Projector
    • Voice/sound recorder



The student will listen to the teacher explain about bats and make a KWL graph

Role of the Teacher:

The teacher present to whole class a bat book (the teacher choose one)


The student and the teacher will summaize the book or the story of bats.

The student and the teacher will choose some characteristics of bats and make sentences.


K-1 STUDENTS. They will be following the bloom's taxonomy


The student and theacher analyse the sentences and by teem select one for each 5 students

The student and the teacher will use a voice-sound recorder

Objectives / Goals:

HISD objective in languaje art writing.- k.1.a Dictates messages for others to write

4.- Synthesis:

The student will listen the sentences in the writing center

The student will write one sentence in a strip sentence

Teacher Responsabilities:

  • This lesson can be developed with a word processor.
  • The teacher must motivate to students about to learn about bats.
  • The teacher should have prepared with some examples and enogh material to all the students.


5.- Modifications:

If the students can't write the teacher make the sentences and the students copy it.

6.- Evaluation:

  • S .- If the student present a neat work and complete sentence.
  • Check mark .- If the student present a complete sentence
  • D.- If the student can copy two or three words



  • The student can make a drawas.
  • The student can copy words of a bat book.




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