Captain Nash’s Hunt for Buried Treasure

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a vessel by the name of Sassy Sue sailed the waters of the Atlantic without fear of any living thing or any sea going ship. The ship’s captain was Monroe Nash. He was the bravest, smartest, and most loved sea captain ever known. He could read a map better than anyone around and could navigate his ship to safety in any weather. Captain Nash could also sing the best sea shanties known to man.

One day while he and his crew were sailing around the tip of Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, his first mate spied a lone survivor of a shipwreck floating in the water. The crew of the Sassy Sue quickly pulled the stranded sailor into their boat.

The poor man was exhausted and hungry from being in the water for days. He introduced himself as Dirty John. After he had a bite to eat and some time to rest he began to weave a tall yarn of being shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by huge and wild gorillas and that on that island was buried a great treasure chest of gold and diamonds and all manner of sparkling trinkets and baubles.

No one believed Dirty John – but then he showed them the treasure map! It was true!! Let’s go dig it up, “ said the first mate, Messy Millie. Everyone agreed, “Aye, Captain Nash. Let’s sail for the treasure”.

After a close look at the tattered map, Captain Nash decided it could very possibly be real and worth the voyage to find out. “Up anchor, hoist the main sail and set our course for Treasure Island,” shouted Captain Nash. They cast off at four bells and caught the evening tide and set sail out of the Gulf of Mexico to go where few sailors had ever been before.

The Sassy Sue and her crew endured days of rough seas and many of the sailors thought that they must get to land soon. As the panic spread and things couldn't’t look any worse, they were attacked by a huge sea monster. The crew was terrified. Captain Nash remained calm and ordered the gunner, Gutsy Gus to fire the cannon. The cannon ball hit the monster on top of his head and he immediately sank to the bottom of the ocean.

On day 10 of the voyage Captain Nash and his crew woke up to a beautiful sight – there off the starboard bow was the island. It fair made their heads spin to see it.

At two bells, they set out for the shore with Messy Millie, Dirty John, Peg Leg Pete, Cockeyed Charley, the treasure map and the buckets and spades.

They hacked through the jungle, got chased by wild animals and hacked through the jungle some more. And then . . .

“This is the spot,” said Cockeyed Charley

So they dug and they dug and they dug and there was no sign of the treasure. “Well, blow me down, if I ain’t been looking at the map upside down!” said Cockeyed Charley.

You can guess, they buried Cockeyed Charley and set off though the jungle.

It was six bells when Messy Millie got chased by a giant gorilla. But at last they find the treasure spot. They dig and they dig and KLUNK! They find the treasure chest, just like Dirty John described. There were shouts of “Yahoo, Yahoo! We be Rich!”

You can best believe by eight bells, it was party time! Everyone sang sea shanties and danced the hornpipe. The ship’s cook, Sweaty Sam, made banana fritters and coconut milk shakes, while Captain Nash counted the treasure.

A great time was had by all.

By morning's light, they set sail for home.

The End`


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