Point Values and Details
25 points
Were all activities completed within the timeframes provided? 5 points
Were all directions followed? 5 points
Did you show interest and motivation? 5 points
Did you work well with your group (or self, partners)? 5 points
Did you display good listening skills? 5 points
25 points
Did you visit every site on the Resources page? 10 points
Did you record at least 3 important facts from each resource? 10 points
Quality of the 1-2 page report about the Johnstown Flood? 5 points
Concept Map

20 points
Does your concept map relate before, during, and after flooding in meaningful ways? 5 points
Does your concept map show what you learned? 5 points
Is your concept map organized and easy to understand? 5 points
Can you explain your concept map to the teacher? 5 points


30 points
Informative quality - written and oral presentation of project 15 points
Design quality - neat and appropriate 10 points
Spelling and grammar 5 points

100 points


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