Information for Teachers

This quest will enable students to use Internet resources, but it should certainly not be their first use of the Internet. Emphasize the extreme importance of Internet security and the Appropriate Use Policy (AUP) of the school district.

Be sure that you teach students about how to do concept maps before they begin this quest. This quest will allow them to review and apply concept map skills.

Be sure that students already know how to use PowerPoint before they begin this quest.. Urge them to NOT use the "fancy" features of this program. The purpose is not to entertain and thrill the viewers. Their projects need to be neat and appropriate.

Emphasize the practical nature of this quest and its high level of importance in their personal lives. Flooding is a serious natural disaster in the Houston area and in many other locations.

These pages were developed through TeacherTECH , a teacher-training program sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PAC.
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