1. View the Evaluation page before you complete each task. It is very important for you to be informed about how you will be evaluated.

2. Your first task is to find a partner (unless you strongly prefer to work alone or with a group of no more than three students); Once approved and recorded by the teacher, no changes are allowed except under very special circumstances.

3. Although this study is primarily of flooding in Houston, you need to obtain a broaded historical view of flooding by viewing this PowerPoint presentation about the Johnstown Flood. Prepare a group summary of this presentation (you may need to view it several times) that is between 1-2 pages in length that relates what we can learn from the past in order to plan for the future. Look at the book (located in our classroom library) to view the copyrighted pictures and for additional information.

4. View the Internet resources. Prepare a concept map that relates before, during, and after flooding. Record at least 3 facts from each resource and be sure to indicate which fact came from which resource.

5. In terms of flooding, how can we learn from the past in order to plan for the future? Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to reflect what you have learned about how to prepare and recover from flooding. What can you, other people and organizations, and the government do to help property and lives from Houston's major nature disaster - flooding.


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