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There are many other activities that you can do with frogs. The possibilities are endless. Try some of the following:

1. You can write some of your own math problems using frogs. It's always fun to use frog counters!

2. You can create a habitat and raise your own frog from a tadpole. Be sure that you have rocks that will enable the young frog to climb out of the water or he/she might drown. You also need to release the frog promptly. You cannot feed them enough to keep them alive. They eat insects when they move from the tadpole stage to the frog stage. Tadpoles eat plants. Also be sure to keep the water clean, similar to the way that you would maintain a fishbowl. The water must be allowed to stand for about three days in order for the chlorine to be released into the air.

3. Write an interesting story about the life of a frog or one exciting day in a frog's life. It is always exciting to write about frogs. Do some Internet research and write a nonfiction composition about frogs.

4. Go to the public library or your school library and find some good books about frogs - fiction and nonfiction. Read and enjoy while you learn about frogs. Write a book review to share with your friends. Your teacher would also be very impressed that you have chosen to do extra work.

5. Use your imagination and think of some other great activities, but please be sure to be kind to frogs. They are important members of our world.

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