Marcella Dawson
Web Production II
TECC 1362
T/Th 1:00

Assignment 2
Date Due: 09/16
Create a web page giving an explanation of what you intend to do for a final project. Use Dreamweaver to create the page. Do not try to accomplish what you would do if you were writing HTML code manually. Make the page simple with no graphics.


Project Name:

Cell-Mates: Mendel, Crick, and Watson


This site provides a study unit of cell parts, genetics and inheritance for middle school science, using nontraditional activities.


Revise an existing ugly and awkward site and make it more functional and attractive.


Teachers, students


Time: limited

Problems to solve:

  1. Survey teachers to define what they look for in a usable site.
  2. Solve the download time for images.
  3. Redraw all images.
  4. Decide which lessons can be made interactive.
  5. Make PDF files available.


  1. Compact all files.
  2. Provide a thumbnail for each image.
  3. Redraw the diagrams and make them all b/w.


  1. Site structure: probably hierarchical
  2. Place a site map on each page.
  3. Unit splash page with links to five unit sections
  4. sections contain 3-5 related activities
  5. each activity needs a link to "Readings", "Reference", and "Evaluation" plus link to section menu and link to main menu