Adding Button Text

button_size.GIF (2616 bytes) button_size.GIF (2616 bytes) button_size.GIF (2616 bytes) button_size.GIF (2616 bytes)
25 X 25 pixels 35 X 35  pixels 50 X 50 pixels 35 X 25 pixels
20 pt font 30 pt font 42 pt font 20 pt font
Your button size determines the text size. The illustration gives you an approximate indication of the font size you will have to select.

(pt = points)

File > Open to open your button image. button_text1.GIF (4408 bytes)
Choose Window > Show Layers. Pull down the Layers option menu (click on the small black arrow in the Layers pallet.). button_text2.gif (5093 bytes)
Select the text tool and click on your button image.

Select your font, type in the font size, and click on the color to select. Check preview.

Drag the type tool menu so you can see your button image. As you type the text in the menu, you will see it on your button.

Keep the text in the menu selected. You can change any of the attributes.

When you are done click OK.

button_text3.gif (8480 bytes)
Center the text:

View > Show Grid

Click the move tool  move_tool.gif (1751 bytes) on the tool box.

Select the text layer on the Layers pallet. Use the cursor to drag the text to a centered position. The grid helps.

button_text5.gif (4130 bytes)
File > Export > GIF89a and select "Adaptive". button_text4.gif (1935 bytes)
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