Arrow Buttons

File > New

Select 200 X 100 pixels, White Background.

Select a foreground color on the tool box for your arrow.

Window > Show Layers, Option Menu > New Layer.

Select View > Show Grid.

Rectangle marquee tool > draw a rectangle on Layer 2.

Edit > Fill.

arrow_button1.gif (3179 bytes)
Select Layers > Options > New Layer.

Click on the new layer to activate it. Rectangle marquee tool > draw a square on Layer 3 and Edit > Fill with the same foreground color.

arrow_button2.gif (11166 bytes)
Select Edit > Free Transform.

A selection box with handles  will appear around the square. Grab a corner handle with the cursor and rotate the box until it is in the position you want. Click the Enter key to transform the square.

arrow_button3.gif (10411 bytes)
Check to make sure Layer 2 is still active.

Select Tool Box > Move Tool and drag the square over the rectangle to make an arrow.

The square may have to be resized. Edit > Free Transform and use the grid to reshape the square.

arrow_button4.gif (10561 bytes)
Select the Text Tool on the Tool Box and add text as shown in the previous tutorial.

Select Layers > Options > Flatten Image. You should have only one layer left.

You can leave your arrow and File > Export > GIF89a or you can add a drop shadow with Layers > Effects > Drop Shadow as in the top arrow. The second example also had Layers > Effects > Outer Glow added.

arrow_button6.gif (3382 bytes)

arrow_button5.gif (3604 bytes)

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