Round Buttons

Open a new file in PhotoShop: File > New

Name the file.

Specify the width = 50 pixels

Height = 50 pixels

Select RGB and transparent background

wpe3.jpg (43418 bytes)
Use the marquee tool and choose the circle. marquee.jpg (6010 bytes)
Hold down the Shift key while you drag a circle on the canvas. This will constrain the tool to a perfect circle. wpe4.jpg (43105 bytes)
Select a color on the color pallet by clicking on the swatch. Windows > Show Swatches
Select the paint bucket tool. Click on your circle to fill it with color. wpe5.jpg (43492 bytes)
Click on the default color tool; you should see a black and a white square.

Click on the switching  arrow arrow.jpg (5883 bytes) so that the white square is on the top.

Double click on the background color square and click on a color in the color picker window.

color_picker.GIF (13809 bytes)


Double click on the gradient tool to bring up the gradient options window .

Click "Edit".

wpe6.jpg (7956 bytes)
Select the first gradient choice - Foreground to background. Click OK. gradient.gif (8342 bytes)
Click on the gradient tool.Place the cursor on one edge of the marching ants and drag to the opposite side.

If you don't like the effect, click and drag again, and again until you like it.

gradient3.gif (8022 bytes)
Add a drop shadow to make your button a bit more interesting.dropshadow.gif (13429 bytes) Layer > Effect > Drop Shadow and set the Effects menu as show.

Your final button should look similar to this one.

spherefinal.gif (2159 bytes)

Follow the same procedure for making a rectangular button and use the rectangular marquee to draw your basic shape.

For more tutorials on making buttons in PhotoShop do a meta-search for "+PhotoShop +tutorials +buttons".