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Marcella Dawson :E-mail;Subject: Space Science; Topic: Mars; July, 1996

Similarities Between Earth and Mars

Does Mars Show Evidence of Plate Tectonics?

Mars Newsletter





Comparing Earth and Mars


You will use hyper text links to access information about the planets Earth and Mars. Show your calculations in your answers, where appropriate. Answer in complete sentences, GGIVING REASONS OR EXPLANATIONS FOR YOUR ANSWER.

1.Which planet has the larger diameter?

2. When measuring in newtons, would you weigh more on Earth or on Mars?

3. Is the polar radius of Mars less than, more than, or equal to the Earth's polar radius?

4. Is the polar radius equal to the equatorial radius on both Mars and Earth?

5. Which planet has the greaterdensity?

6. On which planet are the surface structures, such as mountains, higher?

7. Does Mars have a sea level?

8. Which planet travels at a greater speed around its orbit?

9.In order to keep the same calendar on Mars as on Earth, would you need a leap year every four years? ( see rotation period)

10. Why is the Martian temperature given in K and not C or F?

11. Does Mars experience four seasons the way Earth does?

12. Do Mars and Earth have the same percentage of carbon dioxide in their atmospheres?

13. Is the percentage of oxygen more or less in the Martian atmosphere than on Earth?

14. What are the names of the Martian satellites? How many satellites does Earth have?


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