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Marcella Dawson :E-mail;Subject: Space Science; Topic: Mars; July, 1996

Similarities Between Earth and Mars

Does Mars Show Evidence of Plate Tectonics?

Mars Newsletter





Similarities Between Earth and Mars: There's No Place Like Home



Part 1: Definitions of Martian Features

  1. Write down the names of the Martian topographic features listed below.
  2. Visit this USGS site to find the definition and description of each Martian feature.
  3. Write the definition or description of each one on separate index cards.
  4. It would be a good idea to make a simple sketch of each feature on the index card.
    1. mons
    2. mare
    3. oceanus
    4. crater
    5. catena
    6. chasma
    7. labyrinthus
    8. mensa
    9. terra
    10. vallis
Part 2: View Photos of Features on Mars 
  2. The Virtual Space Trip is at one of the NASA web sites. Click here to Lift off now.
  3. Click on the virtual spacecraft to begin "steering your space craft onto a landing site".
  4. Find the word features on the bottom of the screen. Clicking on "features" will take you to a menu listing the features you recorded on your index cards.
  5. Select any feature; then, select a particular example of that feature. Example: selecting "mons" allows you to choose from several Martian mountains; if you select Olympus Mons, your space craft will be taken there.
  6. Read the on-screen instructions for zooming in and out, and moving left and right.
  7. Describe and sketch the appearance of each of the ten Martian features on your index cards.
Part 4: Find Similar Features on Earth
Find ten places on Earth that most closely correspond to the Martian topographic features you just viewed and identified.
On an index card, write the name of the Martian feature.
Write the name of the feature as it is known on Earth.
Write the location (lat/long) of the feature and its common name.
Use the following links Earth.or use the geologic map in the classroom.

Part V: Organize the Information and Publish Your Findings

  1. Transfer the data on your index cards to a chart.
  2. Post the chart on the classroom wall.
  3. Be prepared to make a two minute oral presentation about your favorite Martian feature and its Earth twin explaining why you decided the features were similar.




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