Rectangular Buttons

Set the foreground color to blue

File > New, width = 100 pixels, height = 100 pixels, RGB,  background transparent.


color.gif (1379 bytes)
Use the rectangular marquee tool to make your button shape..

Fill the selection Edit > Fill and be sure Preserve Transparency is checked.

fill.gif (7118 bytes)
Your button should look like this. fill2.gif (2495 bytes)
Get a little adventurous:

Filter > Render > Clouds

fill3.gif (9042 bytes)
Bevel the button:

Layer > Effects > Bevel and Emboss

and set your options as shown.


bevel2.gif (10340 bytes)
To save your button:

File > Export > GIF89a and select adaptive color pallet.

bevbut.gif (1275 bytes)
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