Searching for an Image

You will search for an image for your assigned web page using the search engine, AltaVista.

(This page is divided into frames. The search instructions will appear in the top frame and the search results will appear in the bottom frame. If this is unacceptable for your searching, right mouse click right now. On the pop-up menu select "open page in new window". )

Select some key words related to your web page project and write them down. You will use these words for your image search.


I want to write a lesson about the sun's corona and need images for explanations and enhancement.

  • If I use the term "sun", I will get a very large response - text and images.
  • If I only type "corona", I will get many unusable responses.
  • If I type "suns' corona", I will get text and images.

To limit my search I will tell AltaVista to look only for images by using the command


The + is used to tell  AltaVista that both words must appear together.

Start searching by clicking here.

altavista.gif (2352 bytes)
Search Engine

netscape.gif (1049 bytes)Browser


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