Writing an Abstract

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Writing An Abstract To Summarize Research

An Interactive Lesson for Internet Use

Marcella Dawson: E-mail

Subject: General Science
Topic:Summarizing Research
December 10, 1996


Use hyper text links to access information.
Use and understand data tables and charts.
Summarize information that has been gained during class time.
Write a one page summary explaining the results of a research project.
Provide time for each student to enter the abstract.
Learn to write in such a way that a student who was not in class will understand what happened.


Students learn to summarize and communicate efficiently with other students.


Two to three class periods. Student is given time during class to enter the abstract via-e-mail.


Internet access


Teacher - verify that all URL links are functioning.

Students - mastery of basic writing skills.


Use the data charts from your experiment to complete this activity.
You will need paper and pen to write a rouch draft of your abstract.
An abstractis a short summary of your research or experiment that gives very specific information. on the first line
Write DATE on the first line. Write the beginning and ending dates of your experiment.
Write PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR on the next line. Since you are writing this report, you are the principal investigator. Write your name.
Write TITLE on the next line. Write the title of your experiment. Write COLLABORATORS: next. Write the names of the other lab team members who worked with you.
Write ANALYSIS next.You will summarize your experiment results here.The analysis has three parts.
In the first part you will write the purpose of your investigation in one sentence.
The second part is a very brief summary of your findings. Ask yourself---what did I find out?
In the third section you explain why your results came out the way they did.
When you have completed your abstract, exchange your paper with three other students who were not part of your lab team and do a "pairs check". Use a red pen; sign your name on the bottom of the page.
Write a final draft of your abstract. Use the suggestions made by the pairs check.
Do one more pairs check.
Enter your abstract in the form below. Click the submit button when you are ready to mail the work. Click the reset button if you want to make changes or corrections.



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