Biography Assignment

Date Due:

Science and history are a human endeavor. Ideas of science have evolved and survived through various political, economic and social climates. The purpose of this project is to make you aware of the lives of scientists who contributed to our understanding of atomic structure.


Research the scientist you were assigned.

Write a letter to the president of the Nobel Prize committee, explaining the importance of the scientist’s work and recommending him for a Nobel Prize. This requires you to have an understanding of the nature of the scientist's work and be able to justify its importance.

Attach this sheet to the front of your letter.

The last page of your report lists your bibliography with heading and proper format.


  1. _____ 10 points --- the paper briefly describes the historical period in which the scientist lived
  2. _____ 10 points --- the scientist's major contribution to science is described fully
  3. _____ 15 points --- the paper explains why the scientist's discovery had an impact on scientific thinking and knowledge
  4. _____ 15 points --- the information represents thorough research
  5. _____ 15 points --- originality and creativity
  6. _____ 10 points --- correct bibliography

_____ TOTAL GRADE (possible points = 75)


your scientist is:_________________________________________

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