Jelly Bean Cells

How do large particles, those too large to diffuse, get into cells?

Do cells have mouths?

Does swallowed food mingle or mix with the organelles?

Which cell organelle could function as a mouth?

Why do swallowed yeast cells stay together in clusters in the Paramecium?

How are the yeast clusters distributed within the various Paramecia? e.g., randomly, in a line, identical locations, etc.?


With the materials in hand, you are challenged to get the candy into your bag according tto the following rules:

  • The candy must enter through a solid part of the bag.

  • The inside of the bag may not be directly open to the external environment.

  • The candies entering the bag must remain clustered together.

  • Students may work with their hands in the bag to act as the inside of a cell.

  • The candy may be eaten only if it enters the bag "cell" under the specified conditions.


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