MICRO LAB 5: Plant Cells -- Elodea

Prepare a wet mount slide of an Elodea leaf; place it on your microscope and view it under low and medium power. Answer the following questions.



Questions /Observations:

Can you see small, individual cells?

What color is the inside of the cell?

Is the color located in certain bodies or spread throughout the cell?

What is the shape of the green bodies?

These green bodies are called chloroplasts. you count in one cell?

How many chloroplasts can you count in one cell?

What substance gives these chloroplasts their color?

What is the function of these chloroplasts in the cell?

Do the chloroplasts move around inside the cell?

If you see the chloroplasts moving, what must the fluid inside the cell be doing?

This is called cytoplasmic streaming.

11. Draw an elodea cell. Label all the structures you can see. Indicate on your drawing the movement of the chloroplasts in the cell fluid by marking the drawing with arrows.

Elodea cell

_______________________X power


11. How does the amount of light on the slide affect the movement of the chloroplasts?

wpe1.jpg (1611 bytes)

12. Observe the elodea cells under high power. Estimate the length of an elodea cell in microns.

wpe2.jpg (1611 bytes)

13. How many chloroplasts, placed end to end, would it take to reach across the length of the cell?

wpe3.jpg (1611 bytes)

14. What is the length of a chloroplast in microns? (Divide the number of chloroplasts from question 13 into the length of the cell in microns
from question 12.)

wpe4.jpg (1611 bytes)
C. Lift the cover glass. Remove the water by blotting gently with a paper towel. Then add two or three drops of salt solution and replace the coverglass over the elodea.
D. Observe the slide under low power and high power magnification for about five minutes.
15. Can you see any difference in the appearance of these cells?

wpe5.jpg (1611 bytes)

16.Where is the cytoplasm in these cells?

wpe6.jpg (1611 bytes)

17. Do plant cells also have a cell membrane around the cytoplasm?

wpe7.jpg (1611 bytes)

18. Draw one or two treated cells. Label the structures you can see. You should be able to see five structures.

Treated Elodea
________X power



19. What materials do you think the salt solution removed from these cells?

wpe7.jpg (1611 bytes)


20. How could these cells be returned to their normal shape? wpe7.jpg (1611 bytes)

21. Try your idea.What happened?


 wpe7.jpg (1611 bytes)

22. What cell structures did the salt solution help you observe?


 wpe7.jpg (1611 bytes)




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