Cell Mural


Part 1: Concept Analysis:

Student questions:

  1. What are the main concepts in this unit. There may be only one or two main concepts in each unit.
  2. What are the other terms or ideas in this unit that you feel are important. Try to limit the number to fewer than twenty.

Complete a concept map that shows the relationships between these concepts. Bring the concept map to your teacher for an OK before you continue. Attach okayed concept map to student worksheet and turn in with completed project.

Part 2: Mural Construction:

On a 4 - 6 foot piece of newsprint, which I will furnish but you will measure and cut off, design a mural illustrating the concepts that you have found to be important in this unit.

  1. You are to show a relationship between the concepts of this unit using drawings and a minimum of words.
  2. Your grade will be determined by the following criteria: accuracy of concept relationships, completeness of project, creativity in expression, the amount of contribution that you make to the group effort, and punctuality.
  3. You may work with up to three others in a group. You will complete a peer evaluation form assessing your contribution to the group as well as the other members' contribution.






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