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Download Tools

Sites to download tools for use in the cell activities.  Most of these are either Freeware, Shareware, free to use on a trial basis, or fairly inexpensive.

Netscape: Where to get the latest version of Netscape, plus sound and movie plug-ins.

Internet Explorer: Microsoft's web browser.

GIF Converter: (MacIntosh) Used to convert GIF and JPG files into TIFF or PICT files.

Graphic Converter: (MacIntosh) Used to convert image files.

Paint Shop Pro: (PC) Used to convert GIF and JPG files into TIFF or PICT files.

NIH Image: (MacIntosh) Image analysis tool.

Scion Image: (PC) Image analysis tool.

UTHSCSA Image Tool: (PC) Image analysis tool.

Webwacker: (Both) Tool used to download web pages exactly as they appear on the monitor.

Quicktime QTVR: Software that plays movies.

InterVu: MPEG movie player for the PC.

WinZip: An archive utility for windows.



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