Learning Internet Research

Your assignment is to:
  1. Learn the use of an Internet browser.
  2. Learn the basic commands for searching.
  3. Find and print specific information about a scientist.
  4. The name of a scientist will be assigned to you. The scientist will be your focus for your Internet search.

Your Task is to:

  1. Follow the numbered directions and work work through each lesson. Print out your information in On Your Own.
  2. Find from 5 to 10 pages that contain information about the scientist.
  3. Print the pages by clicking on the print button on the browser menu.
  4. Read and highlight the important facts on each page.
  5. Attach a cover sheet with your name and full heading to your print out.Turn your pages in on the assigned date.

What You Will Do:

  1. Lesson 1 will teach you how to do a search.
  2. Lesson 2 asks you to complete a search under guided practice.
  3. Lesson 3 provides some useful sites, but requires you to search for your scientist on your own.
  4. Click on the red button to continue



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