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PhotoShop Tutorials Very basic introduction  for creating web graphics and icons for web pages;a brief discussion of image formats, searching for images, and web based image resources is included; a description of online PhotoShop tutorials is listed.
Cells Workshop Lessons Several activities introduce the basic characteristics of cells, including DNA and cell replication.
Using the Web In the Classroom A brief description  and a link to one example of each type of activity gives you an introduction to web use. 
Introduction to Internet Research This site is a series of lessons on how to find information on the Internet for middle school students. The lessons include a simple research assignment, learning search techniques,and a writing assignment.

Zebra Mussel

Numerous Internet sites are available for research on this non-indigenous invading species. This exercise focuses on the characteristics of the zebra mussel, why it is so invasive, and what the economic impact is.

Gastropod Research

Students use Internet resources to research taxonomy, life history and morphology of gastropods. A series of questions follows the Internet site investigation.
Comparison of Mars and Earth Mars and Earth have similarities and differences. This is the first of three lessons that focuses on researching the differences.
Ten Places on Mars, But There Is No Place Like Earth Topographic features on Mars have unusual names.Similar features are found on Earth. This lesson correlates the features on both planets
Do Geologic Features on Mars Show Evidence of Plate Tectonics? Students complete an outline of the characteristic features of plate tectonics. The outline is used to study geologic features on Mars. Students determine whether or not there is evidence of tectonics on Mars.
A Martian Newsletter Students summarize the daily class activities related to an astronomy unit. The log is entered as an on-line newsletter.
Writing an Abstract To Summarize Research Students complete an experimental project and follow the steps to write a brief abstract summarizing their findings.
Web of Life Game This exercise focuses on the characteristics of the zebra mussel, why it is so invasive, and what the economic impact is.
Newton's Laws of Motion Workshop Lessons Simple hands-on lessons that demonstrate the three laws of motion.
Machines Workshop Lessons This sequence of experiments introduces the six simple machines in novel combinations.


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