Adding a new background for the image

  1. Click Window > Show Layers
  2. Click on the new, empty layer to activate it.
  3. On the toolbox, click on the default color defaultcol.jpg (5504 bytes)icon.
  4. Then click on the double headed arrow arrow.jpg (5883 bytes). The bottom square should now be black and the top square white. We will add a white background because the image will be on a white web page.
  5. Click  to pull up the marquee tool, drag and select the rectangle marquee.jpg (6010 bytes).
  6. Move the cursor to the image, start in the upper left corner and drag to the bottom right. You now have a white square covering your image.
  7. On the layers pallet, click on the background copy layer and drag it up until it snaps in place. You should now have your image on top of the layer with the white square.
  8. File > Save.
wpe6E.jpg (33268 bytes)

wpe6B.jpg (32944 bytes)

wpe6C.jpg (35027 bytes)

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