Adding text

  1. Open the layers pallet; click on the background copy layer to select it.
  2. Pull down the layers menu (click the black arrow in the upper right corner) and select New Layer
  3. On the toolbox, select the type tool text.gif (194 bytes); move the curser to the image and click. The text menu window opens.
  4. Select a font in the pulldown menu.
  5. Select Regular for style.
  6. For size, type in 12 and select points for unit of measure.
  7. Click on the color box; select a color from the selections.
  8. On the type tool window, put a check in the preview box, the auto kern box and the anti-aliased box.
  9. There are three alignment choices on the right side of the tool window. Click on "centered"
  10. Place the cursor in the text box and type "next".
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Layer > Type > Render Layer.
  13. Click Select > Load Selection > OK.
  14. Select Edit > Transform > Scale.
  15. Grab the handles and resize the text so that it fits into the window.
  16. Grab the center point icon (in the center of the selection box) and with the curser, drag the letters where you want them.
  17. Press Enter
  18. File > Save.
textwindow.jpg (27063 bytes)

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