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Web Page Construction
HTML Editors
Page Design
Home Page
Image Formats
Web Services



Background images can be found at these sites. Most take a while to download. Before you save an image, chack the copyright limitations on the page. To save an image: 1.) place the cursor on the image, 2.) click the right mouse, 3.) click on "save as image", 4.) follow the commands in the drop-down windows.

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Background Colors
Classical MIDI Archives - Linking Suggestions
CoolBackground Textures!
Realm Graphics: Backgrounds
Background Hell
DiP pixelware - A Texture A Day Dr. Bob's backgrounds
Dr. Zeus' Textures
GFX: Graphics Central H's background archive
Iain's Textures on the WWW Jay's Background
Jay's ORIGINAL Backgrounds!
Jay's WebPaper
Julianne's Background Textures
JZ Presents: Disturbing Patterns
MacDaddy's Background Sampler
Over the Rainbow
Sample JPEG backgrounds
Sigbjørn`s BAckground PAge!!
Texture World, by Tangent
The Virtual Background Museum
Tetxure World - Created by Tangent Web Design
216 color cube

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!FONTASTIC! Windows True Type Fonts
Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive
Eaglefeather Home Page
Font Archives at
Free TrueType fonts
Internet Font Archives
Medieval and Fantasy Fonts
NCD Techips Archive, Font Server
The Kiwi Media Shareware Font Archive
TrueType Font Archive
Yamada Language Center Font Archive

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Web Services

Personalized Email Address
DBasics New Counter Account Form
Lpage Guestbook Server
Add a WebSideStory's Counter
DBasics Internet Programming Services
Dreambook ... Free Guestbook Server
GeoCities Free Home Page Information
HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
Web-Counter Home Page
Winter@ctive! ISP and Web Developement

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HTML Editors

(Big list of) HTML Editors
Adobe PageMill What's New - PageMill 2.0
Bare Bones Software, Inc.
DiDaPro HTML Editor
HTML Editor for the Macintosh
Netscape FTP4 site
Notes from a ModemJunkie
Stroud's Reviews for HTML Editors
Chapter 17: Windows, Frames, Dialogs and Menus

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Delivering Presentations on the Web
Professional Web Design - HTML Authoring Tutorials
The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
Your Own Web Site: Build the Pages
CMC Information Sources
Newbie-U: New User University
IPL FARQ: Citing Electronic Resources
Ready-made templates for your web pages - Home page Professional Web Design- Web Page Authoring Resources
Links to HTML Help Pages
AdvancedHTML Techniques
Brent'sFramed HTML Resource Page
ComputerCurriculum Corporation
DoctorHTML v4
GlobalWeb Site Project
HTMLreference sources
ImageSyntax Explanation
Interactive Publishing Alert
Intro to HTML
JZPresents - Ask Doctor Web
LearningTool - About html
StartingYour Own Web Server
The Common Gateway Interface
The Internet Link Exchange: Home
URLCHECK - A Resource for Web Designers
Websmile - HOT HTML TIPS
Welcome to The HTML Station
What'sNew @

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Home Page Construction

Course Page: Elements to Consider
ElectronicDesktop Project Home Page
GetcommentsHome Page
HCJDCInternet In-Service
A Guide to Creating a Successful Web Site
Teachers.Net Homepage Maker
Netscape HomePage Assistance
HyperTerroristChecklist of WWWeb Design Errors
KathySchrock's Guide for Educators : Critical Evaluation Survey
Microsoft Site Builder Workshop
The Pixel Foundry
Web-CounterCreation Page
WebPage Design - Introduction
Welcome to Netscape
Welcome to the Online Internet Institute!
WorldWide Web Workbook

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Page Design

A Guide to Creating a Successful Web Page
Advlearn:Introduction for Teachers
Building a Web Site that Works
Currentworld map of the Matrix and the Internet
Form + Function
Guide to Web Style: Welcome
GVUCenter's 2nd WWW User Survey Home Page
Lines- Graphic Element Samples
On the Road to Good Web Design
OneHour Homepage
The Sevloid Guide to Web Design
TheWeb Designer
Visual Design
Web Development

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Image Formats (GIF, JPEG, & PNG)

BoxTop Software, Inc.
CKWS - The Netscape Color Cube
DiP Pixel Explorations - A GIF Transparency FAQ
gd 1.1.1
GIF Animation on the WWW
GIF Resources
GIF Wizard
JPEG image compression FAQ
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
Progressive JPEG Test

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The Lake Applet
Picasso Color Widget
Bob's Java hut
Client Side State - HTTP Cookies
HTMLscript Corporation
JavaSoft Home Page
Pat's Strand
Pejman's JavaCenter
The Java WEB Applications Page
The Nasty JavaScript Tricks: Welcome
Javascript Goodies (Resource Center)
Netscape 4.0: Javascript 1.2
Project Cool Developer Zone
Javascript Index (local)
Javascript Index (server)
Javascript Template Studio
JavaScript Tip of the Week -
Just whose JavaScript is it, anyway?
Netscape Navigator 3.0 | JavaScript Syntax
Netscape's JavaScript Authoring Guide
Netscape: More Javascript
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Live Software: JavaScript Resource Center
Java Goodies JavaScript Repository
Java Applet Rollover Button without onMouseOver JavaScript
Java Script Made Easy!!
Doug's House Of Groove

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Background images can be found at these sites. Most take a while to download. Before you save an image, chack the copyright limitations on the page. To save an image: 1.) place the cursor on the image, 2.) click the right mouse, 3.) click on "save as image", 4.) follow the commands in the drop-down windows.
Caboodleso f Clip Art
Dot Images
GIF Animation on the WWW
Gilbert's Icon Archive:
Icon Archive
Icon Images
Icons and BallDots
JZPresents: Pardon My Icons
The Clip Art Connection - East
The Rocket Shop
The WDVL: Images_and_Icons
Animations and Graphics For Your Website - bells and whistles - free resources - animation - gif animation
Animations and Graphics For Your Website - Non Animated Bullets - Page 1
Animations and Graphics For Your Website - Non Animated Art Horizontal Rules - Page 2

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Photoshop tutorial UK
Adobe Tips & Techniques
Andy's Photoshop Tips!
Citilink FAQ - Intro
Compendium of Photoshop Sites
Creating Web Graphics
DiP - The Minimal Home Page
DiP - The Photoshop Index Page
Dmitry Kirsanov's Top Ten Web Design Tips
DSM Gang's PS-index
Future home of
GIF Animation on the WWW
GrafX Design Web Graphics Tutorials
Hayden Creative Techniques Archive
Icon Usability, (
Infinite Fish - PS Tutorial #1
Kai's (Photoshop)
Lightning tip
Netscape: Creating Net Sites
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics
Photoshop Goodies
Photoshop Tips & Tricks
Project Cool: developer tutorials
Supercharging your skills
The 256 colors of Netscape
Ventana: Photoshop f/x
Welcome to Ticks on Trips
World Wide Web FAQ

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ABest Page of Software/Shareware
Classical MIDI Archives - Linking Suggestions
Crescendo by LiveUpdate!
Point:It's What You're Searching For
SoftwareWe Make
TheUltimate Collection of Winsock Software
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