Students' Daily Log

How it works:

  1. You will type your log into the forms below.

  2. When you click the "submit" button, your log will be sent to me by e-mail.

  3. After I have received the log and graded it, I will post it to your class' Logletter.


  1. You will be assigned one day per month to summarize the class activities. Monthly assignments will be made at the beginning of each month.

  2. The title of your log is the main topic discussed in class.

  3. Summarize the activities completed during class. Summarize the discussions that occurred.

  4. Write the summary as though you are reporting news for a newspaper. Focus on information you gained during class. Explain what we studied. Check your spelling.

  5. If you want to rewrite or correct grammar and spelling, place the cursor at the point to be corrected and complete the changes.

  6. If you want to start over with a blank form, press the reset button.Enter your summary into the form below.
  7. If you have Internet access at home, please enter it there. You will have time during class to enter your summary if it is necessary.
  8. Late entries will not be posted to the newsletter.
  9. You are excused from the daily homework assignment for your assigned day only.

Log Form

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