You're on your own now!!

1. You have at least two articles of biographical information on your disk from your first search.
2. Now you will search for more detailed information using the skills you learned in the search lesson.
3. Use the Alta Vista search in #5. below for more information. To return to this page, click the "Back" button on the browser menu bar. Save each relevant article on your floppy disk.
4. There are more links at the bottom of this page that may be of help to you.

5. AltaVista's Advanced Search Page.

4000 Years of Women in Science this is an outstanding site with much information about women in science
Ancient Mathematicians Home Page an outstanding resource written by fourth grade students!!!!!!!!!!
Mathematics here you will find good background information on early science
Indexes of Biographies truly remarkable source! scientists are listed in alphabetical order and chronological order
Birthplace Maps Index same site as above--it is interesting to look at single countries to see where scientists have flourished (then you can ask "why there?') a good site for information; easy to use: click on the first letter of the last name
Images of Physicists yes! yes! yes! look at them! this is a wonderful site; use the image as your cover page or as a footnote
Famous Physicists, Astronomers and Engineers here are some excellent biographies, images and a lot of information
Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography you will want to send Eric an e-mail message thanking him for all of his hard work; this site is really useful
IMSS - Multimedia Catalogue - Biography Index this is another beautiful site with outstanding information--but, it only includes Italian scientists
Exploring The Internet - Educational Tools good resources
WT96 Lab 3 Developing Internet Research Skills here is help if you still are having trouble navigating the Web
HyperHistory this site is unique because it has a timeline; you can see who else was influential during the same period as your scientist
Who Was Charles Babbage? yes... who was he? thanks to him you are sitting at a computer doing research!
Biographical Dictionary of Biologists some information is available here, most of the sources are relatively recent scientists
HSTM - Biographical Dictionary basic information and some links to other sites
Greek Mathematics and its Modern Heirs this is a very interesting site; there are numerous images from the Vatican library and a lot of biographical information
The Art of Renaissance Science Table of Contents this is an outstanding site, primarily with information about Galileo, but there is also information about other scientists who were his contemporaries
Web Sites of Related Interest this is a long list of sites that have information about the history of science
Biographies this site has links to most of the female scientists assigned in your class
ChemTeam: History of Science Link List a huge number of sites that provide information about scientists who were chemists, the history of science, and biographies
The History of Geometry this is an interesting site that has links to several scientists who were mathematicians; you will have to read through the text
Internet Resources for Teachers and Students provides additional links to science and math sources
HISTORY OF SCIENCE/SCIENCE STUDIES REFERENCE SOURCES This site has references to books if you feel you have not found enough information on the Internet.

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