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Debra Toliver

Principles of Technology--Forest Brook Senior High School

7525 Tidwell

Houston, TX 77016

GirlTECH '97 Participant

A program of the Center for Research on Parallel Computing--CRPC


A Brief Autobiography of Debra H. Toliver


My Mission is to make education accessible and a vital part of as many lives as I possibly can.

Hello! I am Debra Toliver, a high-school Principles of Technology teacher at Forest Brook Senior High School. This predominately African America school is located in Northeast Houston, Texas.

I am a native born Texan, and have lived in Houston all of my life.

I have taught in NFISD science 1979. Presently, I teach Principles of Technology.

I am a graduate of Prairie View A & M Univ. BS 1979 and M.Ed.1983

I am particularly interested in Technology and Computers. In addition to teaching high school I also work with the Houston Community College System where I teach GED at Corrnell Reid Corrections Facility. I spend my summers at University of Houston DH where I teach engineering and work with the HOUSTON PREP PROGRAM.

The CRPC program is a National program designed to further the technological insight of young girls across America. This program is a program that explores the latest in computer innovations....

GirlTECH is another national program that combines the CRPC with outreach to young women interested in advancements in computers and technology. GirlTECH is an experience that takes an indepth look at advancements in technology...etc

I completed CRPC GirlTECH at Rice University in 1997. This program was developed in 1995, designed primarily to make young women of Houston TX aware of the latest in computer and technology advancements. I know not everyone has access to the research opportunity I was privy to, so I felt it necessary to find a vehicle to pass along this invaluable information tool.

The CRPC GirlTECH at Rice Univ. project gave me a wonderful window into the world of the internet, and allowed me to develop educational sites that use its resources. Since receiving Rice University's program in the summer of 1997, I have shared the knowledge with many students and co-workers alike.

The impact on my students and the community at large has been tremendous. Students are aware of their opportunities; they know how to research the world wide web to get information they otherwise would never have access to; they are able to turn the skills they learn in my program into viable tools that will ultimately create job opportunities, better grades in school, or simply serve their personal thirsts for knowledge. 

Some other interesting things I am involed in...

  SWE Society of Women Engineering

 VA Hospital- Volunteer

 Senior Girl Scout - troop leader

 Golf Coach

Chess Club Coach

Houston Prep Program. DH

Email mentor with SWE

Explore Engineering Volunteer

NSBE co-sponsor

UNT (University of North Texas)


What I do with SWE?

Primary Research: Society of Women Engineers {SWE} School Database

Corporate Internships for Teachers


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