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The 7th grade religion class have been asked by Pastor Day to present a program for the school on the life of Martin Luther and the Reformation. Also to explain how a movement that started out in Germany has churches all over the United States today. You will be giving this presentation to the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th graders on Reformation Day. The group that does the best job will be the classes representative to give this presentation. Good luck!



Your group is going to research Martin Luther and the history of the Lutheran Church in the United States. Then you are going to produce a Power Point to explain who Martin Luther was and what you found out about the Lutheran Church in the United States.



You will be assigned to a group of 3. In order to accomplish this task in a timely manner, it is best to split up the work. Each of you will be in charge of one aspect of the project, with all of you working together to get the work done. You should assign each of you one of the following roles: Research Coordinator , Editor, and Graphic Designer. Before choosing roles read what each role requires that person to do and think about what you are good at doing. If you have trouble choosing, see me for some advice.

The Research Coordinator will be responsible for splitting up the research and assigning each member a different part to research. I might suggest splitting the research into the following topics:

This person should be organized and work well with everyone in the group. This person is in charge of making sure that all the research is getting done and by the deadlines. He is also in charge of reporting any student who is refusing to follow through with their part of the research to me.

The Editor will be responsible for editing and entering the text on the Power Point presentation. This student should be good at writing. You will proof the Power Point presentation for content and grammatical problems.

The Graphic Designer will be responsible for gathering graphics and laying them out in the Power Point presentation.This person is responsible for making sure that the Power Point slides look good visually. They will check for placement of material and pictures, size and color of fonts, and if backgrounds are distracting or complementing what you are trying to present.

Your Power Point presentation should contain:

  • At least 10 slides.
  • Each slide should contain relevant text and at least 1 related picture.
  • Slides should be grammatically correct.
  • Size and color of font should be such that the Power Point can be viewed easily from a distance of 3 feet.
  • Graphics should be pleasing and related to the text on the slide.
  • Backgrounds should be chosen that enhance the project and don't detract from the other graphics and text.



When you have finished with this project you will present it to the faculty. The Power Point presentation that is voted the best will be the one presented to the 4th through 8th grade classes at the Reformation Day assembly.


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