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Martin Luther and the Reformation                         

    This site gives history of Luther's life.
  2. Project Wittenberg
    Site written by LCMS
  3. Martin Luther-Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Biography of Luther
  4. Martin Luther:Protestant Reformer, Monk, Teacher, and Family Man - Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    Life of Luther
  5. The Protestant Reformation(Early 100s to Mid 1600s) - By Miles Hodges
    History of protestant reformation
  6. Martin Luther(Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
    Biography of Luther
  7. Reformation
  8. Reformation: Martin Luther
    biography of Luther

History of Lutheran Church in US

  1. A Brief Historical Sketch of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
    A history of LCMS in US.
  2. Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Brief history of LCMS and doctrine
  3. Lutheran History
    History of LCMS in US


How to create a Power Point

  1. Instructions for creating Power Point



A link to WebQuest: WebQuest

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