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This SAT Writing lesson was initially developed for the Clear Lake City branch of the Hua Xia Chinese School but applies to any student who wants to develop, refine, or master writing skills.

This lesson is designed to break some "I don't" myths about writing:

    • ". . . have anything to say."
      ". . . know where to begin."
      ". . . know how to write that way."
    • ". . . know what they expect me to write."

The lesson objectives are fourfold:

  • Explain standards-driven writing goals to students in their own terms

    • Empower students through their accomplishments as they practice writing
    • Provide the resource materials needed to complete this lession, (i.e. transitional words list, writing prompts, etc.)
    • Reduce the stress associated with taking the writing section of the SAT

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Copyright © June 2005 by Diane Jerome.