Geometry Fall Semester

Teacher: Darleen Latimer
Room 2305

Conference Period: 1A and 3B
Phone: 281-412-1641

Textbook: McDougal/Littell Geometry

Every day you will need:

Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time. If you are not in your seat when the tardy bell rings, you will be given an after school detention.
  2. No food or drinks in the classroom.
  3. If you miss class, you are responsible for getting your assignments off of the internet or from a student who was present.
    See student handbook for number of days to complete makeup work.
  4. Absolutely no interruptions (including restroom pass requests) will be tolerated during the class discussion or lesson presentation.
  5. Restroom pass may be used once every five class days and may be requested only after lesson presentation.
  6. Absolutely no late work will be accepted unless you have an excusedabsence.
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2nd six weeks email Chapter THREE Chapter FOUR
3rd six weeks Chapter FIVE Chapter SIX
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