Geometry Lesson 1.4

Teacher: Darleen Latimer
Room 2305
Periods 3A and 2B

Textbook: McDougal/Littell Geometry

Review Question
What natural event took place on the night of August 29, 1776,
that made it possible for George Washington's army to escape the British?
Write your answer as a conditional and identify the hypothesis and conclusions.
Hint: see p.19, #19)

Vocabulary Words - Lesson 1.4

Collinear Points
Points that are contained on the same line
Coplanar Points
Points that are contained on the same plane
Two figures that share at least one point
Parallel Lines
Two lines in the same plane that do not intersect
Skew Lines
Two lines that are not parallel and do not intersect

Think about this . .

How many planes can contain:

Try to draw an example of each or explain why it cannot be drawn.

Assignment due day 6

  1. Answer questions 1-26 on pp. 24-25.
  2. Read section 1.5

Quiz on day 7

Extra Credit due day 8

  1. Read p. 26 and answer questions 31-34 with complete explanations.
  2. Attach all drawings in a neat and orderly fashion.
  3. Find pictures from any source and mount for display.
  4. Place all unmounted work in a 3-ring folder with pockets.
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