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After viewing the webquest resources, you will answer the following questions: (Each numbered question is worth a total of ten points)

1. How far is the sun from the earth?
2. What is the temperature of the core of the sun? Is this the same temparature of the corona?
3. How much larger is the mass of the sun than the earth?
4. What is the distance, in miles, from one side of the sun, through the core, to the other side of the sun?
(Clue: We call this measurement a diameter.)
5. How old is the sun?
6. Define solar flares and sun spots.
7. What is nuclear fusion?

8. The sun has about 6,000,000 years left in its life cycle?

9.The tilting and revolution of the earth towards the sun causes seasons to occur?

10.Our sun is currently the size of a red giant?

Follow-Up Activity

After the webquest activity, students should write a one page persuasive paper about whether they believe that humans will one day be able to travel to the sun. They should include at least six characteristics about the sun in their papers. These characteristics should support their opinions as mentioned in their papers. During read aloud time, students may choose to share their papers in class.



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