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The students will visit each of these web sites to complete their task in answering the countdown questions.
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1. Virtual Solar System An excellent web site to discover fun facts about the mass, diameter, and temperatures of the sun.

2. Earth, Sun, and Moon The students score points as they avoid asteroids and travel to the sun. They will view animation and graphics that will easily explain the difference between sunspots, sun flares, and the corona. They will also learn about nuclear fusion and the number of years that are left in the sun's life cycle. Later, by traveling to the earth, they will determine why seasons occur.

3. How far away is the sun? The students view other students' questions about the sun, including how many km the sun is away from the earth. Permit the students to ask Yahooligans Earl a sun question of their own.

4. Brain Pop Sun Watch a movie about our sun. The students will gain insight into a host of characteristics that make our sun a unique star.

5. Stars The students will visit this website to determine what stars are made of and what makes them die.

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