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Our Amazing Sun, is a web quest created to teach third grade students about the many characteristics that our sun manifests.  Many of the web sites have animation, others have amazing graphics or allow interaction in the form of asking the student questions in a manner that maximizes attentiveness and participation. Most of the work and preparation for this lesson has been provided as you will see as you navigate through the links of the webquests. Your students will  sit back and enjoy their travel to the Sun.



Although it is primarily a third grade science webquest, you will quickly discover, through the activities that are provided, that  this science lesson has many cross curricular opportunities as well as being challenging to fourth and fifth graders as well.



Science TEKS 112.5.3.b.11.D  The student knows that the natural world includes earth materials and objects in the sky.  The student is expected to describe the characteristics of the Sun.

Cross Curricular Objectives

Reading TEKS 110.5.b.3.7B
 Read to acquire information from electronic sources.
Math TEKS 111.15.3.b.1A  Use place value to describe the value of whole numbers.
English Language Arts TEKS 110.5.3.b.4.A  To use spoken word and vocabulary to clearly describe ideas and feelings.
English Language Arts TEKS 110.5.3.b.14.B  To write to discover, develop, and refine ideas.
Technology TEKS 126.3.b.8  To use research skills and electronic communication to create new knowledge.




1. Atleast one Internet ready computer for every three students. If you are limited to only one
computer in the classroom, then you should alternate the time that the group of three students use the computer.

2. Pencils for note taking

3. Notebook Paper or notepads

4. Lesson Handouts


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