Advanced Placement Statistics


The AP Examination for the 1998-99 School Year will be given May 18th, 1999.
Ms. Resnick

Room 227
Bellaire High School

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, Second Edition, by David S. Moore and George P. McCabe, W.H. Freeman and Company, 1993.


A TI-83, Casio CFX-9850G Plus, or Statistics graphing calculator will be required for this class. It will be used for class work, homework and on tests. I do have a classroom set of these calculators for use in class and are available for home use on a first come first serve basis. They may be checked out daily after 4th period and need to be returned the next day before 2nd period.

Computer Software:

There will be several computer labs throughout the course. We will use Minitab in the computer labs. There are several copies of this program loaded on the computers in the library. If you need additional time for working on Minitab, you can use the library before school, at lunch, or after school. Many other computer software packages are available for computer labs and you are welcome to use any that might be available to you. (There is Freeware and Beta versions of software that can be downloaded from the Internet.)


The purpose of this statistics course is to introduce you to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. There are four broad conceptual themes in this course:
  1. Exploring Data: Observing patterns and departures from patterns.
  2. Planning a Study: Deciding what and how to measure
  3. Anticipating Patterns: Producing models, using probability and simulation
  4. Statistical Inference: Confirming models

Academic Honesty:

Often you will be working in groups for homework, projects and computer labs. This work is expected to be a collaborative effort and exchange of ideas and work is part of the assignment. It is expected that all students perform their own work on tests and quizzes and write the honor code at the end of all tests and quizzes.

Office Hours:

I am available for help and make-up work during lunch Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11:30-12:15. I am also available, by appointment, at other times. There is a sign-up sheet on my desk.


Each student is required to keep a loose-leaf notebook that has at least 3 sections separated by dividers. The following should be included in the 3 sectioned notebook.


Homework is assigned daily. Homework is checked an average of one to three times a week. The entries in my grade book reflect both the number of problems that are worked and the number of problems worked correctly. I do not count as attempted any problem for which work is not shown on the paper.

When a student has been absent, it is his or her responsibility to make up all missed work and check with me to see if any work was collected. An absence of one day does not excuse one from turning in work that was due the day of the absence.


Major tests are administered on Thursdays. There are usually two or three tests during the grading period. To receive partial credit for work, work must be organize clearly so that I may easily determine where errors occur. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY ANSWER UNLESS THE WORK IS SHOWN IN THE ALLOTTED SPACE.

An absence the day before a test does not excuse one from taking the test with the class. If a student has been absent more than one day during the period covered by the test, it is his or her responsibility to check with me, prior to the test day, to see whether or not a makeup test may be taken.

A student found cheating on a test will receive a "0" on the test and a P in conduct.

A missed test is to be made up within one week of the original test date unless the student has received prior permission from me to make it up at a later time. Except in cases of extended absences due to illness, any test not made up within one week will be recorded a zero.


A student who has an unexcused absence receives a zero for the day and make-up work will not be permitted. Written excuses for absences and tardiness must be sent no later than 3 school days after the absence or tardy.

Please remember, it is now HISD policy, that after the third unexcused absence in a class a student will lose credit for a course. It is important that notes are presented for all absences.

It is also school policy that if a student leaves school he or she MUST check out either in the attendance office or clinic. If a student does not check out in the appropriate office, any absences will be considered as unexcused.

The student is responsible for making up all work missed due to excused absences and/or field trips. Field trip permission slips must be submitted before the trip is taken.


Projects/Computer labs 35 to 200 points

Major tests 100 points each

Quizzes 20 to 50 points each

Homework 5 points per graded assignment

Grade Average = Total of all points earned by the student divided by

the total possible number of points


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