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Teacher Standards

Students will receive instruction on how to use the tools in a drawing or Paint program in order to draw a diagram of the living terrarium or aquarium. The classroom or lab instructor will guide the students step by step in the full-page drawing activity.

Step by step instructions will be given to the students to write a paragraph or two on a topic related to the living terrarium or aquarium organisms unit.

Second Grade Science Standards:

  • (2) Scientific processes. The student develops abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry in the field and the classroom. The student is expected to:
    (A)  ask questions about organisms, objects, and events;
    (B)  plan and conduct simple descriptive investigations;
    (C)  compare results of investigations with what students and scientists know about the world;
    (D)  gather information using simple equipment and tools to extend the senses;
    (E)  construct reasonable explanations and draw conclusions using information and prior knowledge; and
    (F)  communicate explanations about investigations.

Second Grade Technology Application Standards:

  • (1A) Appropriate terms
  • (1B) Start, exit, create, name & save files
  • (2B) Use proper keyboarding
  • (2D) Produce documents at Keyboard, proofread, & correct
  • (2E) Capitalization, punctuation, spelling, word division, use of numbers & symbols
  • (3A) AUP
  • (7B) Use appropriate software
  • (9B) Use software features to evaluate final product- preview
  • (10A) Use font attributes
  • (11A) Publish information (printed copy or monitor display)
  • (11B) Publish (stored files or video)
  • (12B) Evaluate the product for relevance to the task

Source: Texas Education Agency



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