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Bethune Academy for Mathematics, Science and Fine Arts is nationally recognized as a highly successful dedicated magnet school, not only for its accomplishments in innovative program design and academic achievement but also for its success in meeting integration goals. Bethune is a magnet school located in the Aldine Independent School District, Houston Texas, located in the Acres Homes Community, one of the oldest and largest African American communities in the nation. Bethune serves 463 students at the third and fourth grade levels as of August 2004.

Bethune is a community of learners that are actively engaged in pursuing knowledge. Bethune’s partners, including institutions of higher learning, professional organizations, and the arts community, are invaluable in the development, implementation and evaluation of all program components. Of primary importance is the university consortium, Partnership For Quality Education (PQE) consisting of the University of Houston, University of St. Thomas, Texas Southern University, and the Houston Community College System. PQE was established to improve the K-12 education in the Houston area and Bethune serves as a model for this endeavor. Bethune provides a place for prospective teachers with mentor teachers and to learn their chosen profession.

Bethune is a student-centered school where teachers, administrators, parents and students share ideas in the types of instruction and the development of a common vocabulary that facilitates Bethune’s learning environment. The teachers at Bethune participate in creating a dynamic living curriculum that is revisited and revised each year to meet the needs of the current students.
Cooperative learning and higher order thinking skills, presented through a constructivist approach in all venues, builds on the natural curiosity and fascination students have to answer questions, seek explanations and work together to solve problems.

The innovative magnet school program and the door-to-door transportation provided without cost to parents allows Bethune to draw from all ethnic communities in the Aldine Independent School District.. While recognizing its cultural and economic diversity, Bethune offers an experienced-based thematic curriculum that accentuates academic rigor. Bethune is a Title I school that has extensive problem-based curriculum, thematic field experiences and various business and university partnerships.